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I got an email but no photo

Check that your email service allows attachments (JPEGS images), through, it might be blocking the attachment, but still sending the email through, you may need to use another mail service, or another email address (such as a Hotmail account). The attachment wasn't downloaded in its entirety, try ordering again The full sized photo may not be available on the Nightlife Online site, send us an email and let us know the name of the photo (NB: This will be something like: 'cht08120205645.jpg'.)

Can I get photos that are NO LONGER DISPLAYED on the site:
Definately, we keep all the photos we take on file, just not ON-LINE. To get a photo not available on the site email us with:
The approximate date of when the photo was taken
The Venue / Event at which it was taken.

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I got an email but no photo
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