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Mona Vale Hotel

Park Street & Barrenjoey Road
Mona Vale 2103

<img align=right style="border: 2px solid #ffffff;" hspace=20 src="/nightclubs/monavale/beer_garden.jpg" width=250 height=256 border=0> <br><br><br> <font face=verdana size=3 color=white> The <font face="impact" size=4 color=lightblue><font color=yellow>New </font><u>M o n a V a l e H o t e l</u></font> is the <b>BEST</b> on the Northern Beaches. <p>Recently <b>refurbished</b>, when you get inside you will feel like you are in a Resort on some <font face=="comic sans ms" size=3 color=#ffcc00><i>Tropical</i> Island</font>, and you almost are! (Given Australia is one huge island and the northern beaches are some of the finest in the country!). <p> <br> <br> <img align=left style="border: 2px solid #ffffff;" hspace=20 src="/nightclubs/monavale/show.jpg" width=250 height=187 border=0> More importantly <u>The Mona Vale Hotel</u> features everything you could want including a delicious <font color=yellow face=arial size=3><b>Bistro</b></font>, a beautiful <font color=orange face=garamond size=3><b>BEER</b></font> Garden, <font color=pink>Champagne</font> Bar, <font face=impact color=lightblue size=3>Sports</font> bar, <u>L o u n g e</u> Bar, all with the latest facilities and fully trained hospitality staff to look after you. <p> <br> <br clear=all> Mona Vale Hotel has great entertainment every week with <i>Shows</i>, great <font face=impact size=5>BANDS</font>, <font color=red><i>HOT</i> <u>Music</u></font> and great <font color=lightgreen>Promotions</font> to give you a great time out, and there's plenty of parking plus The Mona vale Hotel Limousine to take you home in style as well! <p> <div align=center> <img align=center style="border: 2px solid #ffffff;" src="/nightclubs/monavale/limo_7-1-02.jpg" width=400 height=143 border=0> </div> <p> <br><br> <font face="comic sans ms" size=3 color=yellow> <u>SUMMER NEVER ENDS AT THE MONA VALE HOTEL!</u> <p><br> <br> </font> </font>

Thursday 27-07-2006
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